Book Review: WeE-book-Homeschool With Young Children & Preschool Beginning Notebook Pages  

I told you earlier this week that I would be doing a book review on a new ebook by Diane Hurst...well I will actually be doing two reviews. The first ebook was written for The Old Schoolhouse and was made into a WeE-book. The second ebook is a wonderful beginner set of notebook pages to teach your preschooler.

For those of you with small children in your home, this ebook is a MUST! Many times we are tempted to spend a lot of money on curriculum for our little ones, and it just is not necessary! MUCH can be learned by simply reading and working through some notebook pages together. Diane's concept in this book is very similar to my own idea of creating notebooks for preschoolers and kindergarteners. You will love Diane's ideas and it will give you some guideance to get you started! Click here or on the cover above to go to The Old Schoolhouse Store where you can buy a copy today!

After you have read Diane's above WeE-book on teaching young children, you can follow up with the purchase of this neat notebook set for preschoolers. Diane's used these with her own children and now is putting them into ebooks so others can use them as well. These pages include colorful hand drawings and simple concepts for preschoolers to learn. My 3-year-old daughter LOVES these! Click here or on the cover above for more information about this ebook and how you can purchase your own copy!


Diane has been so gracious in forwarding to me samples of more books she is working on...I can't wait until she finished more so I can tell you about them! for some more great ebooks from Diane Hurst in the weeks ahead! To see all the products that Diane has available for sale, you can go to their website:

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