Values-Driven March Madness Sale!  

Today kicks off the 2-for-1 “March Madness” Sale at All of us moms could use some encouragement and fresh inspiration once in a while, and there is definitely something in these two seminar packages for everyone! I have listened to some of Cindy's seminars and they are full of encouragement.

Here’s just one testimonial about the “Muddling through Motherhood” audio seminar package, written by Lisa Guyer, a mom of three (

“I was greatly encouraged by your "Muddling Through Motherhood" seminar. It opened my eyes to many different truths about this season of my life. Mainly, it reminded me that my 'muddling' was because of a problem with myself and not necessarily a problem with my children. You not only reminded me of that but gave me practical ways to begin my journey of changing my attitude and seeing progress. The self-examination checklist also took something that could become overwhelming (the thought of changing my basic outlook on being a mother) and broke it down into simple, step by step goals that seem very attainable. Thank you for taking the time to bless us by putting these thoughts together.”

Check out this resource AND “Defeating Depression: Cooperating with God to Experience Victory over Negative Emotions,” available for the next three days only for just $10! And get a BONUS FREE AUDIO while you’re at the site. CLICK HERE to pick up your set today!

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