Book Reviews: My Alphabet & Number Pictures & Type Write  

I have had the privilege of reviewing a copy of My Alphabet and Number Pictures by Diane Hurst. This workbook is a collection of art activities and penmanship practice and can be used for children grade K-2. There are 82 activity pages. Diane has done a wonderful job of creating a simple way for younger children to practice beginning penmanship. This ebook is available as a softcover book or downloadable ebook. You can view sample pages and/or purchase a copy here. Take a look!

Diane forwarded another ebook that she has completed called Type Write Touch Typing. This is a wonderful program for learning to type. Some typing programs use just syllables to practice letters...this program uses words and sentences which are much more meaning to students. This program takes roughly 90 days or half of a school year to complete. This is available in ebook format only. You can view sample pages and/or purchase a copy here.


I am really excited about both of these books. Diane Hurst is a homeschool mom who has been homeschooling for 20 years! She has developed these materials over her years of homeschooling and is now beginning to make them available for others to use as well. She has more ebooks in the works too! I'll let you know about those when they are available. Good job Diane!


I also wanted to pass on an idea that Diane shared with me regarding Bible memorization. Here are Diane's thoughts...

Hello Sheri,

I looked at the memory verse system you are using, and it looks very good. I have an idea for using verse cards that you might want to share with people. It is not as elaborate as the card box system, but it is easy to do and works well for me. I bought a "coupon organizer" (at Target for $1), which is just a miniature expanding file. There were exactly seven spaces between the dividers, and so I labeled them for each day of the week. I chose some verses and put one in each pocket. And I decided on a time that I would look at each day's verse (for me, it is after my afternoon nap). I just go over the same verses each week, and plan to continue doing this until I know them pretty well. This idea was an inspiration I had when I realized that the devotion time I had had during the summer just wasn't happening anymore during the school year. It is easy to implement this, and if I forget, I just keep trying the next day.

Have a good week.


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