Children and Devotions  

I mentioned in a previous post that the Lord used some of our read-aloud books in the past couple weeks to teach me some things. The item I would like to touch on today is children and devotions. It is so important for our children to be in the Word every day...on their own. But sometimes we, as parents, don't know exactly how to encourage a quiet time.

What I will mention here would be an easy first step. Simply choose a book in the Bible that you would like your child to read (John would be a good one to start with). Have them read one chapter a day, then choose a favorite verse for the day from that chapter to copy down in their journal. Encourage them to meditate on that verse throughout the day, seeing what the Lord wants them to learn and apply to their lives.

[Note: For your non-readers, simply do this with them! Sit with them and read the chapter together, then let them choose a favorite verse for you to write down. Get them used to this practice and it will be a part of their lives as they grow older and learn to read themselves!]

It doesn't really matter what type of journal you use. You can buy inexpensive memo pads at the store or make your own. I created a simple page that you can use if you wish. Print quite a few copies of this page out onto white or colored paper, 3-hole punch them, then place them in a 3-ring binder or 3-tabbed report folder. Let your child decorate a cover for it too to make it their own.

Click here to download this journal page.

Once your child has made a habit of daily Bible reading and journaling a favorite verse, you can move them on to the next step: journaling how their favorite verse applies to their lives. You will never regret the time you take to help your children implement a daily quiet time.

Another thing the Lord showed me last week was that I cannot save my children (yes, I KNOW this, but I get so impatient!)...they have to see their own sinfulness and their need for a Savior. That can only happen as they are in the Word, learning more about Jesus, and seeing how they measure up to His example. They also have to see it authentically lived out in my own life!

So...are your children in the Word every day...on their own? If not, why not print out a few copies of this journal page and get them started today!

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