Learning from good books  

One of the things I enjoy most about homeschooling is our read-aloud times. I love being able to choose the books to read to my children...GOOD books! I just wanted to share some things that I learned this week from our read-alouds.

This year we have been thoroughly enjoying reading the Patricia St. John books. If you have never read any of these, you need to! They are chock full of spiritual lessons. This week we read about two young girls and how they have their devotional time with the Lord, including some journaling. I loved the idea and will be sharing more about that in a future blog post (including a free download your children or you can use in your devotional time).

Another thing that stuck out to me from our reading in the Patricia St. John books this week was regarding a young girl who had accepted Christ. She was sharing with another young girl about the Lord and this little girl asked "Does it really make a difference?" This question cut to the heart of this young girl who had accepted Christ....was having Jesus in her life really making a difference? I challenged myself and my children with this question as well...are our lives really "different" because we know Jesus? Oh...good, good lessons from these books!

The other book we have been reading this week is Children Of The Covered Wagon. The kids have really enjoyed this book as we travel along with the Stephen Company along the Oregon Trail. Well, this week one of the chapters talks about a little boy who is reflecting on things about his Auntie. He states that she is always working - sewing, mending, knitting, cooking, cleaning - he even wonders that she must stay up all night because he always finds her in her chair working on something when we wakes up...AND she is always happy! Wow! This one spoke to my heart! Am I pouring my heart into my home and family as I should? Am I so content with where God has me that I have a smile on my face all the time (or most of the time)?

As you can see, MUCH can be learned by reading good books with your children. I know it is one of the highlights of our day...why not give it a try?

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