A Productive Saturday...  

It has been a good and full day! I always enjoy being home on Saturdays and being "busy at home"...doing things to care for my family. Here is a rundown of my day:

  • washed a load of my husband's work clothes and a load of towels...folded and put all away
  • made more baby food - I buy two large cans of sliced peaches with no sugar added and one can of fruit cocktail no sugar added, and blend it all up in my blender. I then put this fruit mixture into baby food jars, put the lids on, and place them in my freezer. This makes quite a few jars and keeps me stocked for a while.
  • ground up some brisket for hamburger - my husband and I just started doing this and we LOVE the hamburger! We buy brisket when it is on sale and ground it up using my meat grinder attachment for my Bosch. I then put 2 lbs. in quart-sized freezer bags and put them in my freezer.
  • made hamburger buns for our dinner tonight - I made a 2-loaf batch of bread dough which made 16 buns. We used 8 for dinner and the rest I put in the freezer for another meal.
  • made Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars because we were totally out of dessert at our house!
  • made lunch for tomorrow (Sunday) and put it in the refrigerator - all ready to put in the oven in the morning before leaving for church
  • then add to all that things like dishes, baths, following two toddlers around to keep them out of trouble, playing with my kids, and working on my newest ebook!
As I said, it has been a full but good day. I thank the Lord daily for the privilege I have to be home.

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  • Lisa Sheldon  
    October 12, 2008 at 9:50 PM

    You're an inspiration. Oh, how I long to have productive days like that. I'm getting better...day by day. Thank you for your awesome website, newsletters and posts. I appreciate you!

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