Our Fridays...  

I LOVE Fridays...especially since I recently changed some things in our schedule. I know I shared in a previous post about our daily schedule...well Fridays are a bit different. I have set up our schedule so that all the house cleaning and laundry are done through the week - Monday through Thursday - leaving Friday FREE from cleaning chores and laundry. We also planned our schoolwork (the more formal table work that they do independently) to be done Monday through Thursday, leaving Fridays more free for other projects or activities.

Here is what our Fridays look like most of the time. We do our usual schedule through our devotion time, then sometimes we go get groceries before lunch. Lately my husband has been able to stop on his way home from work and get groceries. When that happens we have more time in the morning to do other projects. This time of year I like to use Friday mornings for working on Christmas gifts with the kids or doing other projects related to preparing for the holidays. Other times we may go to the park, the library, or catch up on things at home if we've gotten behind for some reason during the week.

That is what our mornings look like on Fridays. After lunch the littles go down for naps, and then we have our read-aloud time. I like to include on Fridays, in addition to our normal literature reading, books on training in Biblical Womanhood/Manhood. After our read-aloud time, the kids are free to do other projects and have free time (making sure all cleaning jobs and laundry is done first). I use this free time on Friday afternoons to print out my Daily Planning Pages for my Intentional Planner. I sit down and plan out the following week. I then like to spend a little time returning emails, blogging, or working on other business-related projects until time to start dinner.

Our Friday night dinner has always been pizza. We started this after we got married and continue it to this day (almost 20 years later!). Our family has grown to needing two large pizzas now. I love to make homemade pizza for my family. Our Fridays end with pizza, then family time...a fun end to a great week!

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