Book Review: Raising Real Men  

I have had the privilege of reviewing a copy of Raising Real Men by Hal and Melanie Young.  I am just over halfway through it and it is amazing!  Having three boys of my own, I am learning so many things that are going to help me in parenting my boys.  I have had lots of "uh ha" moments as I have read through the book.  It is just excellent and has been endorsed by big names such as Chris Klicka, Ted Tripp, and more!  I highly recommend this book!

If you order through their website, you will also receive some wonderful bonuses!  Click here to order your copy today!

Prayer Request:  For those that may not be aware, Hal Young was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma.  He is currently taking chemotherapy treatments.  Also, the youngest child of the Young's, Katie-11 months old, was born with a rare heart condition.  About 25% of children have this condition heal before they turn 1 year old.  This morning Katie went in for a very dangerous test to see if she has been healed.  Pray for this family who have given so much to us through their book....pray the Lord would sustain them during this trying time of Hal's cancer and Katie's heart condition.

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