We wrapped our gifts last night...for the "least of these"  

Every December we sit down as a family and choose ministries to give to....a way of giving back to the Lord out of the blessings He has given us...being obedient to His command to give to the "least of these".

Well, this year I decided to give ALL proceeds from the sale of Ann Voskamp's book, The Glorious Coming to Samaritan's Purse.  Last night we sat down as a family and chose a long list of projects and I thought I would share with you how YOU have given to the "least of these" through your purchase of this book.

Here are your gifts to the "least of these":

Provide 3 weeks of hot meals for children

Help a child learn to read and write

Introduce Girls and Boys to God's Word through Bible camps and Sunday schools

Provide 30 seedlings for fruit trees for a family

Help stock a fish pond

Help provide livestock for farmers

Provide dairy animals so a family can have fresh milk to drink

Provide honey bees - enough to start a small family business

Help a farm family grow bountiful crops by providing seeds, fertilizer, tools, training, etc.

Provide a week's worth of milk for 10 children

Feed two babies or nursing mothers for a week

Provide four dozen baby chicks to give them eggs to eat and sell

Provide four sports balls (like soccer balls) for children

Provide food for two families for a month

Provide life-saving medical equipment for medical missionaries

Provide vocational training

Provide food parcels to remote villages in Alaska

Provide two water filters so that two families can have clean water to drink

Provide tools for evangelism - audio Bible players, Gospel films, etc.

Provide Bibles and Christian Literature

Provide 200 children with Gospel storybooks

Provide Bible lessons for ten children

Provide New Testament Bibles for ten children

Provide "Jesus Loves Me" lambs for ten children

Provide Christmas treats for children - candy and small toys

Provide postage for 60 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes

Help rescue a child from bondage and abuse

Provide clothing and shoes for children

May each of you have a blessed Christmas!

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