Our Fall Party  

Last Friday morning we had a Fall party with the kids. It was a lot of fun.I thought I'd post what we did to maybe give you some ideas for some fun things you could do with your kids! 

The first thing we did was make some pumpkins to decorate our table for our party. These are those pumpkins you make by covering a roll of toilet paper (full) with fabric, then make felt leaves and a lunch sack rolled up for the stem. You can find the directions here.  The kids had fun making these.

The next thing we did was read about a couple missionaries: Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael. After we read about Amy Carmichael, we played a little game. We rounded up a bunch of babies and Sarah hid them. Then the rest of the kids had to quietly come out and "rescue" these babies and take them back to their house (the playroom closet)...just like Amy Carmichael rescued baby girls from the temples in India.


Next we had a snack - snack mix (pretzels, fish crackers and candy corn), and homemade hot chocolate. Yummy!

Next on the agenda was a game of Thanksgiving Bingo!

After bingo and a few other table games, the kids colored in their Fall Party Coloring Book that I made for them. (I just printed out about 10 fall coloring pages from the internet; created a nice cover with a pumpkin graphic, their name, and "Fall Party Coloring Book" on the front; printed the cover on white cardstock paper; then put a blank white piece of cardstock on the back, the coloring pages in the middle, then stapled three times down the left side to make their own coloring book.)  I fixed lunch while they colored.

When lunch was ready, the kids enjoyed a "picnic lunch" on the living room floor (eating lunch on a blanket) and watched a Little House movie. It was a fun morning with the kids!

fter the kids' nap, we went over to the church for their Family Fun Night. They had some huge inflatables for the kids to play on. Jonathan, Rachel, and Wesley enjoyed this slide. They climbed in, then slid down, I don't know how many times!

I have to share something kind of scary that happened though...after they had been playing on it for a while, all of a sudden the thing started losing air and deflating. Rachel and Wesley were inside, along with a couple other kids. I was thinking..I need to get them out before the whole thing comes down on top of them and they can't get out! Sarah was able to reach Wesley and pull him out, and I reached Rachel and pulled her out. The other kids got out as well. It really wasn't that traumatic, but it was for Rachel. She started crying. She calmed down once she was out.

What happened was that a couple guys were getting a popcorn machine going and I guess it flipped the breaker. They quickly got it flipped back and the big slide thing inflated again for the kids to play in. Rachel, however, was done. We couldn't get her to go back inside...I don't blame her!

After playing at the church, we went and picked up some pizza and cheese bread at Papa Murphy's for dinner. We came home, ate dinner, then played a game of "Hide the Pumpkins". Robert hid 60 candy pumpkins in our living room and dining room, and the kids had to come and find them all. They had a lot of fun.

I don't think Wesley wants to share ANY of his candy!

After the "Hide the Pumpkin" game, it was time for Wesley and Rachel to go to bed. It was such a fun day!

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  • Anonymous  
    November 4, 2009 at 12:20 PM

    Sheri, this sounds like so much fun (except the inflatable incident). I need to do more of this with my kids. Thanks for sharing.

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