GOOT for mosquito bites!  

A while back I posted a recipe for making GOOT (Garlic Olive Oil Treatment). GOOT can be used for all kinds of things. I have really only used it rubbed on the chest, back or bottom of feet when we have been sick. Well, yesterday I found another use for it...on mosquito bites!

My youngest (2 year old boy) has a terrible time with mosquito bites. The bites get huge and swollen and really bother him. Well Saturday night he got some bites on his face. By Sunday afternoon they were starting to swell and get very red. So, I decided to smear on some GOOT before I put him in bed. This morning the swelling is down and the spots are not as red! Next time I am going to apply GOOT as soon as I see bites and see if he swells at all. Why not give it a try? This stuff is awesome and so easy to make (that is if you don't mind smelling of garlic for a while)! Click here for the directions.

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