A whole new tool for homeschooling!  

A few days ago I stumbled upon this wonderful "tool" for homeschooling! I am so excited about it and can't wait to start using it with my younger children (and maybe my older ones too...we'll see).

Sue Patrick has developed a wonderful system using what she calls "workboxes" to organize your day. The idea is that you use workboxes to store items you want your child to work on for the day. You can use anywhere from 6-15 workboxes to store items such as your core subjects (math worksheets/manipulatives, handwriting practice pages, science experiments, etc.) as well as extra fun things for learning and review (such as craft projects, games, a snack, bubbles, playdough, audio book, math flashcards, etc.). These boxes are numbered and are to be worked through in order.

I see this as a wonderful tool to filter into our day all those fun educational type things I have purchased over the years and we never seem to get around to using. There is a wonderful thread over on the Five In a Row forum that you can read to see how others are implementing this system. There are lots of variations...you take the idea and make a system to fit your family and the space you have.

My mind is already filled with all kinds of fun things we can incorporate into our day with these workboxes...I can't wait to get started!

You can purchase the ebook here, then go to her website to register your copy and download all the neat forms and charts to go with it! Take a look! It might be just the motivation you need to jumpstart your homeschooling day!

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