Mother's Day Gift for YOU!!!  

I pray that each of you have a blessed Mother's Day!

As my gift to you, I would like to offer a copy of my Baby Steps to Better Health ebook - FREE! In this book I share some of the things that I have begun to implement in our home to improve our health. It really doesn't have to be hard...and I take you by the hand and give you baby steps to work on. I do hope you enjoy this ebook!

To receive this ebook free, you simply need to go to my website by clicking here, add this item to your cart, then enter this discount code at checkout: MOTHER

This special gift will only be available until Tuesday download your copy today (and if you know other ladies that you feel would enjoy this ebook, feel free to pass this information along!).

(Note: This download is a zipped file, which includes the Baby Steps ebook, as well as a bonus ebook - The Master's Indwelling. So once you download the zip file, you will need to "unzip" it in order to have access to these two files. Email me at: if you have any questions!)


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