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I am so happy to be feeling better today after struggling all week with being sick!

We were getting low on bread so last night I got my flour soaking, then this morning made bread. I wanted to explain how I do my bread sometimes. Most of the time when I make bread (my recipe makes 5 loaves) I don't actually do all 5 loaves of bread. Sometimes I make hamburger buns, rolls, or English Muffins with the dough.

Well, today I made three loaves of bread and two pans of hamburger buns. I have BBQ hamburgers on the menu for dinner tomorrow night, so I wanted to have some buns in the freezer. Hamburger buns are so easy to make. After my bread dough has risen in a bowl one time, I punch it down and divide it up into 5 lumps of dough. I shaped 3 lumps and put them in bread pans. I then took the other 2 lumps of dough and divided each into 8 pieces. I shaped these as I would for rolls and placed 8 on each cookie sheet. I then used the palm of my hand to flatten the dough. See the picture below....

I cover the pan with a clean dishtowel and let them rise for a half hour to an hour. Then I bake them (after the bread is done baking) at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. Yummy! I then let them cool completely and put in freezer containers or bags for later.

My husband surprised us and ordered the movie, Fireproof, for us. We watched it the other night. It was excellent! My two youngest went to bed before we watched it, but my 5, 10, and 15 year old children watched with us. They loved it. The day after we had watched it, my 2 and 5 year old were doing some acting.

Here they are rescuing a baby from the fire, dragging her out from under the playpen. For those that have seen Fireproof, they were imitating the house fire scene when the young girl was being rescued by being drug through the crawl space under the house. It was so cute. Here are pictures...

As you can see, my 2 year old has her little Gideon Bible with her almost wherever she goes...even in a fire!

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