How to make a kitchen towel holder for your oven door!  

I am so pleased that I was able to accomplish a couple of easy sewing projects today for my home. I made a plastic grocery sack holder using the pattern here, and a new kitchen towel holder to go on my oven door (this one I made up myself!).

I thought I'd share here some pictures of how I made this kitchen towel holder. I love having a towel hanging on the oven door to wipe my hands when I'm working in the kitchen. In the past I have crocheted and sewn towel toppers so that I can hang them...but...the kitchen towels ware out so fast and then I find myself having to crochet or sew some more toppers. I wanted to come up with something that I could velcro to the oven door handle and hang the towel on. I could then easily slip the dirty towel out to wash and replace with a fresh clean one. Well...the inspiration came to me last night...from something that was in my garbage can!

Ok..don't laugh! But it's true! Now YOU will get to find out what I found in my garbage can and how I turned it into a handy dandy kitchen towel holder for my oven door!


Here is the item I found in my garbage can...a plastic clothes hanger from a baby outfit:

I used tin snips to cut the bottom section apart from the rest of the hanger like this:

I saved the bottom section and threw the rest away.

Now I made a pattern with a piece of paper. I measured how far across the inside of the top plastic bar (this is where your material will go to attach to the oven door handle). I then measured how long the material will need to be to be go around the top plastic bar and around the oven door handle. This made pretty much a square. I folded my paper to get straight lines and then cut it out.

I then laid it on my material that had been folded in half (right sides together), and cut out around the pattern - leaving 1/4 inch or so for the seam like this:

Please note that the bottom of the pattern is on the fold, so no extra material is needed on that edge.

Once you have the material cut out, sew a 1/4-inch seam along one side, the top, and part of the last side. Turn the right sides out, poke out the corners, lay it flat, and fold in the opening (the part of the one side you left open). Now sew around the edge one more time to make the edges look nice (see picture below). The last step is sewing on the velcro. Measure out a length of velcro to reach across the widge of the material. You will sew one piece on the front top, and one on the back bottom (in the picture below you can see the piece on the front top, and the sewing lines on the bottom where I sewed the piece on the back bottom.

Now you are ready to put in all together! Get your piece of plastic hanger and your material and head to your kitchen. Wrap the material around the top bar of the hanger, then around your oven door handle and attach the velcro together. Then get out your prettiest kitchen towel and hang it up on the bottom bar of the hanger like this:

Isn't it pretty? I am so ticked that I now can easily change out my towels. The material used to attach the hanger to the oven door can easily be removed and washed too, as needed. Also, if your plastic hanger piece wears out and breaks, just find another one to cut apart and use.

I just LOVE it!

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