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Yesterday we officially started our homeschool year. In anticipation that this year might be a little more challenging having 3 little ones 4 and under, and two older children needing to do their schoolwork, I have done a few things differently. I will have to share in more detail in later posts, but I have decided to let my two older children set their own schedule. I sat down with each one of them and went over what they will be covering this year...what books they will be working in, etc. We then figured out what they would need to cover each month (doing school 4 days a week for about 10 months), to get through the materials. They then planned out a whole month of work for themselves.

I made up planner pages for them and they decorated them with graphics that they liked. They turned out really nice. Yesterday they had a lot of fun writing down what they did in each subject. It gave them a sense of accomplishment to see how much they got done. I think having them plan out the week gave them a little more "ownership" over their education and freed me up a bit too to work with the little ones.

I am excited to see how the year goes. I am praying that this will free them to work more independently and really "learn how to learn" so that they will be prepared for whatever the Lord has for them in the future. I will share more on this as the weeks go by and give updates on how it is working for us.

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