I want to be...more and more like Jesus!  

I wanted to share something I wrote in my journal a while back. My 3 year old daughter loves watching the Donut Man videos. Well, one day she began to sing this song from one of the Donut Man videos...

"I want to be, more and more like Jesus. I want to be, more and more like Him." She sang it over and over again.

Then do you know what happened? She disobeyed me...and she was disciplined for it.

I didn't say it aloud, but in my mind I said, "If you want to be like Jesus, then obey me!"

Then the Lord stopped me short in that train of thought and told me the very same thing! Do I profess Jesus as Lord, do I proclaim His praises with my mouth....but my heart is far from Him? Do I not do this very same thing - Proclaim that I want to be more like Him, then turn right around and disobey Him?

Oh how the Lord uses our children to reach our very hearts! God used that little song that day to speak to my heart and convict me. Thank you, Lord, for our children and the lessons You have to teach us through them!

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