Book Review: Celebrate our Christian Heroes!  

I was privileged recently to review a brand new ebook by Meredith Curtis called Celebrate our Christian Heroes! (Instead of Halloween).  

If you are looking for an alternative to Halloween, then you will absolutely LOVE this ebook!  Meredith has included instructions on how to celebrate Reformation Day (Oct. 31) or All Saints Day (Nov. 1) by having a Heroes for Jesus party, complete with information on 15 different "saints".  Have someone dress up as one of your favorite church history heroes for the party - this person will read a script about their life, there are games to play, and more!  There are even favorite fall recipes to include in your parties.

I am very impressed with the ideas and activities presented in this ebook.  What a wonderful way to learn about church history and provide wonderful fun for our children as well.

Right now Meredith is having a special sale at Currclick - you can buy this ebook for only $5.00!

Click here to grab your copy today!  Then begin planning your very own Heroes for Jesus party!  I know I am!

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