Making yarn from recycled t-shirts  

I am so excited to have found this idea of using old t-shirts to make yarn that you can knit or crochet with. It is called t-yarn. It is a brilliant idea! You just take an old t-shirt and cut rounds of strips, stretch the fabric so that it curls, and you have a nice curled yarn to work with. Sound interesting?

Click here for instructions on how to make this yarn.

Here are a couple patterns to get you started: hotpad and purse

The purse is so cute...might be a great Christmas present for my little girl. The hotpads would be great Christmas presents as well! Hmmm....I think it's time to start going through my clothes. I'm sure I have some old t-shirts I could recycle!

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  • Lori Lynn  
    June 12, 2009 at 5:24 PM

    The purse IS cute! I've been planning to use old t-shirts to make rugs for the house. I saw a few patterns over the winter of rugs knit or crocheted from T-shirts. My plan is to get them (the tee's) at yard sales for around .25!

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