The Ultimate Homeschool Expo - 2009!  

It is time once again for Cindy Rushton's Ultimate Homeschool Expo! Expo Week is June 1-5, so you will want to mark your calendars. Cindy has been recording preview chats over the past few weeks and this Expo is going to be amazing.

Not sure what the Homeschool Expo is all about? Let me share what Cindy is doing...

For a long time, Cindy has had a vision of setting up a homeschool convention online. When she began teaching her Talk-a-Latte Online Seminars, she knew that she had everything in place to go for the dream. So, two years ago, she gave it a try. She hosted the very first Ultimate Homeschool Expo. Last year, she did it again. Each year just gets better and better. Last year was fantastic. But, it pails in comparison to this year's event. It is truly the ULTIMATE event. Best of all, the event is totally FREE for us to join workshops live. If we want the set of audios (that come with access to the members only Membership Site), we can grab the set now and enjoy it for years to come. It is the ONLY convention that NEVER ends! You can attend "these" sessions today and enjoy them for years to come at your leisure. You will love it!

Want to grab the set? I love how you can listen on your computer or you can download these workshops to your Mp3 player and carry them along with you wherever you go. Oh! You can even burn them to a CD. I have learned so much through Cindy's Homeschool Expos each year.

If you buy your set now, through my link, then I will give you an extra bonus! I will email you the download link to my ebook, The Intentional Planner - 2009!

Use the Intentional Planner as you begin your planning for next school year! Yes, I know the year is half over, but this "freebie" will give you a taste of what my Intentional Planner is all about. I have been busy fully expanding, updating, and revising this planner for the brand new 2010 version! You will LOVE it! But, for now, enjoy the 2009 version as a special bonus from me for buying your Homeschool Expo through my link!

Back to the Homeschool Expo....It is hard to capture all of the fun in words. You have just GOT to check it out! I give it my highest recommendation Get the details here!

Again....even if you do not wish to purchase the set and have access to the membership site with all the goodies, you can still listen in "live" for FREE!

Click here for all the details!

If you would like to listen now to the preview chats, you can do so below! Enjoy!

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