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I haven't had a chance to post much this week, so I thought I'd give you a bit of an update of what is going on here...

1. I am so excited...I received some samples of water kefir grains and a kombucha scoby from a wonderful lady who owns a business online. I have been making water kefir and brewing kombucha the past couple weeks. My kids and I LOVE the water kefir. The kombucha is a bit strong, but I'm going to experiment making it with a different kind of tea and see if that helps. Anyway...I look forward to posting more about these in the coming weeks. I also plan on doing an interview with this wonderful lady (Julie), and introducing you to her wonderful online business. Watch for that coming soon!

2. I have also been praying about what ebook project I should work on next. I have had several ask me about expanding my ebook on how to create ebooks. I have learned so much since I first published that little booklet...I can expand it into a full-fledged ebook now! That is one option...another idea I am pondering is taking a book I found in the public domain (Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl) and making it into a workbook. This looks like a wonderful Charlotte Mason style language arts book for grades 4-6, but I think it would be great if it had room to write in the answers, lines to do the copywork, etc...all within the book. Is anyone interested if I work on this and make it into an ebook? I would probably divide it up and make it into three for each year. What do you think? If there is enough interest, I may work on this one first...we'll see!

3. We have had amazingly cold weather here lately. We got about a foot of snow last weekend! I am ready to get outside and clean up the flowerbeds and figure out if I am going to do some gardening this year. We already have an apricot tree, grape vines, and blackberry vines. But...we would love to have some fresh tomatoes..and maybe some potatoes too. The way our backyard is, it is mostly shaded by our house, so it may be a bit tricky finding a sunny spot. I told my husband the front flowerbed would be a good sunny spot for some tomatoes!

4. I still plan on continuing the Motherhood Lessons Series from Matthew next week. I look forward to sharing what the Lord has been showing me as I read through Matthew.

5. I have been experimenting with something new regarding meal planning. I have started to plan two weeks worth of meals at a time, getting two weeks of groceries at one time too. The off week I only end up buying milk, eggs, and fresh veggies for salads. So far it is going great! Some have asked how I can plan meals in advance like that and still shop sales. is what we do. When there is something on sale (like meat, cheeses, etc.), we go ahead and stock up even if it is not on our grocery list for that week. Then, when I go to make my menus for the two weeks, I look through our freezer and try to plan meals using what we have. All leftovers are incorporated into another meal. Leftover veggies and meat is saved and used to make a taco soup...leftover chili is saved and served over potatoes with cheese for another meal, etc. It has been working great and has saved me from having to go grocery shopping every week. On the off weeks my husband can stop for me and pick up the few things we need from town on his way home from work. We live in a small town with no Walmart. Our closest Walmart is about 15 minutes away. is nice to save on the gas and time too.

6. I have been busy planning and buying the things we will need for school next year. The kids always look forward to receiving their new books and end up reading some of their readers over the summer!

7. Another project I will be working on soon is totally updating, revising, and expanding my Intentional Planner. As I have used it personally, I have tweaked it and made it more user-friendly...I will be sharing all about that, as well as adding in detailed instructions, ideas, etc., in the new Intentional Planner for 2010! Watch for that updated version coming out late this summer. I am hoping to have it done before school starts in the fall! You are going to LOVE it! I will also be included some brand new pretty covers you can use...and so much more! that I've written a book, I better go ;). I look forward to posting more next week...have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Sheri

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