School Planning for Next Year - FREE Calendar Pages! is that time of year when I start looking toward next year - buying our curriculum and books to be used, getting all the necessary calendars and charts prepared for my notebook, etc. I know it may seem crazy, but I like to have all my curriculum purchased BEFORE our summer break. That way I can look over all the materials we are to cover the coming year and think and pray about a schedule for our days. This does have its downfalls though :). Each year I order books for all my children to read on their own and books for us to read aloud as a family. When these books come it is all we can do to put them aside and WAIT until next school year! We want to dig into them right away.

As I was preparing some of the forms that I will need for next year, I decided to make a school calendar that I can use to record our read-alouds on and note the number of school days completed. I wanted something that just had Monday through Friday with big boxes to write in. So...this is what I made. These calendar pages are for August 2009 to July 2010. Click here or on the calendar graphic above to download this PDF file.

I will keep these calendars in my Intentional Planner under my school section to record what we read aloud each day. I note the book and the chapters we read. I will also use this calendar to number our school days completed. I will do simply by jotting a "1" on our first day of school, then a "2" on our second day of school and so on...throughout the year. This will be an easy way for me to keep track as we go along how many school days we have completed for the year. I am also using this calendar to indicate holidays and other days we are taking off school. That is ALL this calendar is going to be used for. I have a regular calendar in my Intentional Planner for all my other appointments and things...this one is solely for school.

I hope others will find these pages helpful...I am sitting down now and 3-hole punching them for my notebook. Then I'll start filling in our first day of school, last day of school, and days off for next year. My goal is to have school all mapped out for next year before we take our summer break. That way I can actually have a break too and enjoy some time off!

Happy planning!

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