My Math Plan  

I thought I'd share real quick this morning what my "plan" is now for math, beginning in Kindergarten and on up through high school. This plan may not work for everyone, but it may give you some ideas to get you started. we go.

We are currently using this ebook for Kindergarten math and are loving it! We do one page a day and it is not overwhelming at all. I like the ebook format, because that means I can use it for all my children that are coming up! I love it!

I plan on using one of these two math programs for Grades 1-3. I really like the Spectrum I may go with that. They are similar to the Advantage Math we are using for Kindergarten. There is a workbook for each grade and are available in ebook format here.

Another option is Miquon Math. There are 6 workbooks for Grades 1-3, and are available in ebook format here. I like this program, but it would take more time to teach. It is manipulative based so would be great for a hands-on learner. I have bought the Annotated Notes (teacher's book) and the orange book (the first book for 1st Grade) to take a look at it.

I may end up trying the Spectrum math workbook first and if I don't feel my 1st grader is "getting it", then switch to Miquon.

After Grade 3, I plan on going with Teaching Textbooks. I just LOVE Teaching Textbooks. We have used the Grade 5, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I books so far with my kids. I ordered the Grade 6 and Geometry books for next year. My kids love this math program and they can do it fully on their own.


I hope this has given you some ideas for math programs. Have fun teaching your kids!

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