A Quote Worth Sharing  

This weekend I received the Winter issue of TEACH Magazine. As I was reading through it I found a quote that I would like to share. This is a quote from an 1878 book called Mother, Home, Heaven:

"Mothers, you are the divinely-appointed teachers and guides of your children; and any attempt to free yourselves of this duty is in direct opposition to the will of God. If you neglect them, the consequences are swift and sure. Spend most of your time with your children. Sleep near them, attend and dress and wash them; let them eat with their mother and father; be their companion and friend in all things and at all times."

This quote really spoke to my heart. While I am home all day with my children physically I am not always home emotionally. There are many times that I want to "free myself of this duty" instead of facing the challenges...in His strength.

Dear Father, Help me to totally rely on You when this mothering gets hard. Help me to run to You...to run to my children...instead of running away, attempting to free myself of this duty. May You be seen in me each and every day.

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