Creation Science for Kids - Online Seminar!  

September 22-October 28

Cindy Rushton has invited Felice Gerwitz to come and share a Creation Science workshop for kids! The classes will begin on Monday, September 22nd, and continue every Monday for six weeks! Even if you can't make the classes "live", everything will be recorded and available on the membership site! Here is the schedule:

Class One:
The Creation Week

Class Two:
Flood Geology, Noah and the Fossil Record

Class Three:
Evidence for a Young Earth and the Big Bang

Class Four:
Thermodynamics, Problems with Darwin's Theory, False Concepts

Class Five:
DNA and Protein, Ernst Haeckel, Human Senses

Class Six:
What Scientists Believe, Bad Science, and Hoaxes

When: September 22-October 28 on Monday
Where: Talk-a-Latte Conference Room Online
Time: 10CST-11:30CST
What: A Creation Science Workshop in Your Home!
Who: K-8th grade or anyone interested in the wonders of God's awesome creation!
How: Sign up here and reserve your seat!!

You won't want to miss this wonderful workshop! I think I will sign up my 4 grade son who LOVES science!

CLICK HERE for all the details and to purchase your ticket today!

I also posted some wonderful FREEBIES on my To Teach What Is Good Newsletter blog. Be sure and check these out as well!

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