My Weight Loss Plan  

I have been wanting to blog about this for some time now and finally have some extra time :)! Through the years of having children, my weight has slowly crept up as I neglected to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight before getting pregnant with another blessing :). I am finding myself needing to lose a good amount of weight (about 40 pounds). My plan was to watch my diet and start exercising.

A couple months ago I was introduced to T-Tapp, which is a series of exercise workouts by Teresa Tapp. It was recommended to me by a homeschool mom (Thanks Charlotte!). T-Tapp has a 15-minute workout that gives me a good overall workout in a short amount of time..something I could do with limited time! Anyone can do these workouts..they are wonderful!

Then about a month ago I checked out the book, The South Beach Diet, from the library. Now, I am not one who likes "diets" as I feel many of them just contribute to weight problems instead of helping. Anyway, after looking at this diet, I felt that it really meshed well with the way I have been trying to fix healthier meals. While the first two weeks of the diet was very restrictive, (although you eat healthy foods and you are never hungry!), the second and third stages of the diet reintroduce foods back into your diet using healthier options. For example, beginning to use more whole wheat flours and pastas instead of white flour. I felt that this diet really worked well with the diet changes I had already been making. While I have not gained any more after my last pregnancy, I had not lost any. I needed something to jump start the weight loss and get me going. This diet has done that! I have been following this diet somewhat faithfully for about a month now and have lost 15 pounds! Yeah!

I will just give a brief example of what I have been doing for exercise and eating so you can see how easy this is!

In the morning I do the 15-minute workout, then jump in the shower before the kids wake up. I have my devotions, then get breakfast ready. For breakfast I fix myself two eggs, scrambled up, and seasoned with the yummy seasoning mix I made. I mix the eggs up, put a lid on the pan, and let them cook while I get breakfast on the table for everyone else. When the eggs are done, I slide it out of my little skillet onto my plate and put a slice of American cheese on top. Then I pour myself a large glass of lemonade to go with it...yummy! This is such a satisfying breakfast!

For mid-morning snack (when I remember), I fix a stock of celery with peanut butter on it and eat it for my snack.

For lunch I fix myself a large salad. I already have gallon ziplocks of salad in the refrigerator that I prepared for the week consisting of baby spinach and Romaine lettuce. I'll put a good serving of salad in a large bowl with some grated cheddar cheese and sunflower seeds. If I have any leftover eggs or chicken I'll chop them up and add them to the salad. I then top the salad with salsa or homemade Dorothy Lynch salad dressing. Then I pour myself another large glass of lemonade.

My afternoon snack has consisted of string cheese sticks. These are quick and easy and gives me a little boost.

For dinner, I usually eat whatever I have planned for everyone else, but try to limit the breads, rice, fruit and pastas. I am still in the phase of the diet where I am trying to lose weight, so these foods aren't bad, but just hinder weight loss :).

I have had some desserts, but try to limit those as well. Also desserts I make are made with whole wheat flour and organic sugar or honey.

This diet has been wonderful for me and has given me the boost I needed to get some weight off! I hope it encourages you as well to give it a try.

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