Bible Study Resources  

Over the past months I put together this information on Bible study. There are many helpful tools online that can be used to dig deep into God's Word! These are some of my favorites! I hope you can find something that may be useful to you as well!

Here it goes . . .

Bible Study Resources

Free Online Bible Study Tool:
I like to use They have different translations, commentaries, concordance, etc.

Free CDRom:

Free Webster's 1828 Dictionary & Bible Study Software Download:
You can download the Webster's 1828 dictionary at the E-Sword website for free! E-Sword is a free Bible study software that has several different Bibles you can download, as well as lots of other things to help in your Bible study. Under "dictionaries", at the bottom of the list, is where the Webster's dictionary download is. I thought this might be a first step for someone before actually purchasing the CD or buying the 1828 dictionary. Here is the link:
I use the e-sword software and copy and paste the 1828 dictionary definitions into a Word document. This can easily be done with Bible verses as well.

Free Amplified Bible Download:

This may also be of interest to some of you. I found this site that you can register (for free) and download the Amplified Bible-free!

2 Free Webster's 1828 Dictionaries Online:

How To Do a Word Study

Here are some steps you could take to do an in-depth word study:

1. First look up the word in the 1828 Webster's dictionary and write the definition down. List the ones that you think would be most helpful to your study.

2. Next, underline key words from the definition that speak to you or that you feel are more important.

3. With the underlined words, take your Strong's Concordance and look these words up to find scripture references relating to them. You are trying to get a biblical view from the definition that Webster has given.

4. Write down the scriptures that speak to you and that the Lord is using to clarify or show you His ways.

5. After you have done this, for all of the words you underlined write your own definition as you have learned based on your study of scripture.

6. Next, write out the biblical principles that you have learned and how they relate to your life and how God is speaking to you.

Have fun studying!!!

In Christ,

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